Additional warranty

This Conventional Warranty applies to all the STIGA brand engines, which are installed on Castelgarden Products of the range Walk behind, Ride-on and Front mower, as listed on the following link purchased between January 1st 2022 and December 31st 2024 and registered on the official Castelgarden website

This Warranty is meant to be additional to the warranties provided by mandatory legal provisions, being understood that all warranty rights that may be provided under imperative laws or regulations from time to time applicable within the State in which the purchase was made, shall remain unaffected. It remains understood that the nullity, illegitimacy, invalidity or ineffectiveness, in whole or in part, of any of the provisions of this Warranty under the applicable national laws, shall not affect the validity, legitimacy and effectiveness of the remaining provisions of this Warranty.



Purchaser”: the natural person who registered the Castelgarden Product on which it is installed, on the website

"Purchase Date": the original purchase date of the Castelgarden Product from the Authorized Reseller, as defined below, indicated on the receipt or equivalent document;

"Term": 12 months starting from the expiration of the legal warranty or from the expiration of possible further official Castelgarden conventional warranty campaigns concerning the Castelgarden Products and provided by the STIGA Group (excluding possible conventional warranties, extensions or prorogation of the legal warranty recognized by third parties);

"Warranty": this conventional warranty;

"STIGA": the guarantor Stiga S.p.A, with registered office in 31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV), VAT n. 07684381002;

Engines”: 4-stroke petrol engines branded STIGA and installed on Castelgarden Products;

Castelgarden Product (s)”: Castelgarden products from the Walk behind, Ride-on and Front mower range, as listed on the following link on which the Engines are installed;

"Authorized Reseller": authorized Castelgarden reseller from which the Product was purchased and / or the nearest authorized service centre as displayed under



2.1 Subject and Term of the Warranty

STIGA warrants the Engines from production and material defects according to the terms, limits and conditions listed below. The Warranty of this document shall be applicable upon occurrence of the following circumstances:

  1. the original STIGA Engines, installed on STIGA Products, bought from authorised STIGA resellers or through the official STIGA website, between January 1st 2022 and December 31st 2022; and

  2. STIGA Products registered on no later than 30 days from the Purchase Date; and

  3. STIGA Products with reference to which  it can be proved that the annual maintenance has been carried out; and

  4. in favour of the Purchaser.

The Warranty of this document will be valid for the whole Term as above defined.

2.2 Content and exclusions of this Warranty

The Warranty can only be applied to the Engines, as defined above, with the exclusion of all the other components, including in particular components produced by third parties, and assembled on STIGA Products. Such components are covered by the legal warranty.

If STIGA recognises the existence of a vice or defect in the Engine validly claimed in accordance with this document within the Term of this Warranty, the same will be limited at STIGA’s sole discretion, to the following alternative remedies:

  1. fixing without charge the Engine or the parts of the Engine which are defective; or

  2. replacement without charge of the Engine or the parts of the Engine which are defective;

  3. In the event the Engine type of the one found to be defective is unavailable, STIGA will replace the defective Engine (or parts of it)  with a similar engine that has the same value.

The interventions, repairs and replacements, if covered by this Warranty, will take place without any additional charge for the Purchaser.

Without any prejudice to the foregoing, in this Warranty the following are explicitly excluded: 

  1. Non original STIGA Engines or those which were bought from a non-authorised STIGA dealer; 

  2. Engines used for sampling and/or display or installed on STIGA Products used for sampling and / or display;

  3. Engines that have been modified by the user or by third parties;

  4. Defects arising from normal usage;

  5. Defects caused by abuse or incorrect usage of the Engine and/or the STIGA Product on which it is installed;

  6. Defects caused by incorrect or insufficient maintenance such as, by way of example, defects arising from material corrosion, use of aggressive cleaners or incompatible products, from fixings carried out by third parties other than the Authorised Reseller;

  7. Defects arising from accidents and other events not caused by defects covered in this Warranty;

  8. Defects caused by careless transportation of the Product (the responsibility is of the courier);

  9. defects that were visible or easily detectable at the time of purchase of the STIGA Product;

  10. alterations resulting from environmental, climatic or other conditions;

  11. specific components such as, but not limited to, spare parts subject to wear and tear such as rubber gaskets and any accessories and anything that can be considered normal wear and tear due to use such as ropes and starter springs, candles, filters.

  12. activities not comparable to repairs under warranty such as but not limited to, installation and adjustment of equipment, checks of proper functioning, instructions for use and / or other consultancy, care and maintenance interventions.

This Warranty is solely applicable to the Purchaser, as it results from the registration on the website

This document constitutes the only additional warranty issued by STIGA on its Engines, any additional clause, extension or implicit warranty issued by anyone else is expressly excluded. STIGA is not liable for damages of whatever nature, as its liability is limited to the experimentation of the remedies expressly indicated in this Warranty, unless otherwise provided for by any applicable laws. In particular, indirect, consequential or incidental damages are excluded.

In case of warranty replacement of an Engine:

  1. the replacing Engine does not benefit from a new warranty according to the terms and conditions set forth in this document;

  2. the replaced Engine becomes property of Stiga.

2.3 Claim Procedure

In order to correctly file a claim under this Warranty, the following procedure shall be followed under penalty of forfeiture. The correct execution of the following procedure will allow to benefit from the Warranty, provided that the defect is recognised by STIGA in accordance with this document.

In order to file a complaint about a vice and/or defect of the Engine, the Purchaser shall contact within the Term a STIGA Authorised Reseller, deliver the Product on which the alleged defective Engine is installed, in good cleaning conditions, together with:

  1. copy of the accounting document of purchase of the Product and/or equivalent document indicating the identification references, type and model of the STIGA Product, the Date of Purchase, the date of delivery of the Product, the name of the Purchaser and the place of delivery of the Product;

  2. document proving the registration of the STIGA Product on the STIGA website;

  3. proof of the annual maintenance of the Product;

  4. a detailed description of the defect;

  5. indication of whether there is a will for the Product to be given back if the Warranty was not recognized as effective.

In order to verify that the claim procedure referred to in this paragraph is carried out correctly, the date of delivery of the Product to the Authorised Reseller will be taken into account.

The existence of the defect will be verified by STIGA, or by the staff appointed by the latter; therefore, the effectiveness of the Warranty pursuant to and for the purposes of this document is always subject to prior inspection and authorization by STIGA.

If, following a complaint correctly filed pursuant to this document, STIGA recognizes the existence of the defect, the STIGA Product will be replaced or repaired at STIGA's discretion pursuant to paragraph 2.1 above.


This Warranty is subject to the law of the country in which the Customer has its residency. 

Any controversy arising from, or connected to, the validity, interpretation, execution of this Warranty will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Court of the country in which the Customer has its residency.

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