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Castelgarden petrol and electric hedge cutters

Regular hedge trimming is an essential part of park, garden and landscape maintenance to ensure dense, healthy growth and tidy hedges. Castelgarden hedge trimmers are distinguished by their hard-wearing construction and practical features. Choose between Castelgarden petrol or electric hedge cutters depending on the intended use.


Petrol hedge cutters


Castelgarden petrol hedge trimmers have been developed to combine ergonomic design with high quality and excellent cutting performance. The handle rotates through 90° from left to right, ensuring the best cutting position at all times. The double sided reciprocating blades ensure precise cutting and help improve manoeuvrability by cutting in both directions. Effective anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, reducing stress on the user’s arms and hands. A transparent fuel tank makes it easy to see when it’s time to refuel.



1. Adjustable rear handle: the rear handle is adjustable for easier cutting of hedge sides and tops.

2. The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort.

3. Anti-vibration system: precisely calculated spring elements dampen down engine vibrations to a minimum, reducing fatigue.




Electric hedge cutters


Castelgarden electric hedge cutters are powerful enough for most trimming jobs, even when branches are old and tough. They are comfortable to use, lightweight, quiet and environmentally friendly. They guarantee perfect cutting of hedges and shrubs, making them ideal for small to medium sized gardens. They are equipped with doublesided
blades for rapid cutting both upwards and downwards. The quick-stop blade brake and the large hand guard guarantee increased safety and the adjustable handle allows ergonomic operation in any position.


1. Powerful cutting teeth

2. Soft touch handle bar

Castelgarden grass shear - XGS 60 LI


The XGS 60 LI Castelgarden grass shear is also a new addition - ideal for the shaping of trees in front gardens in residential areas. The innovative lithium-ion battery guarantees a 40 minute running time and can be charged at any time without capacity loss. Shaping becomes a joy, requiring little effort. The shear weighs only 540 grams.

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